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Phone is on boot loop when I completely turn it off?


The issue I’m having as you probably read in the title is my iPhone 8 is on boot loop when I boot it up. I bought this phone from a person for parts since, he said that it won’t turn on after the screen got broken. I change the screen and it turn on. However, it just keep showing the iPhone logo and re appear. I got it once to boot up and it show the person background. I then decide to move all the parts over to the new screen but, it then does the same thing shows the apple logo over and over. What could be the issue? I tried to restore through Itunes nothing change, I did a DFU mode nothing.

Thanks in advance.

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This will more than likely be a parts problem.

·         Battery

·         Dock connector

·         Home button flex

·         Front camera flex assembly

·         Rear camera

·         Wireless charging flex.

You will have to rule out if any of these parts are faulty as they will all make the phone boot-loop. For a start just try booting the phone with the dock flex and LCD connector attached.

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Thanks you I got it to work I belive it was the battery.

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