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Why is my defrost cycle inconsistent?

Fridge-Amana- ARB2517CSR

My defrost cycle is inconsistent. The defrost cycle only works every 4-5 days. The defrost timer seems fine(Check for continuity and the compressor turns on after 30 minutes).

I suspect it could be the thermostat The defrost cycle only works when the freezer/fridge is at its coldest setting when the coils are basically frozen solid(which takes about 3-4 days). Only then, the freezer will defrost itself instead of the usual once every 10 hours.

Anyone had this problem before?

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Don’t know the answer but here’s a link to the wiring diagram for the refrigerator which may help. (scroll through the parts diagrams and click on Wiring information).

Does the compressor stop for the required amount of time for the defrost cycle, once every ~10 hours?

If so then perhaps the heater isn’t operating when it should be. If this is the case then it may be the defrost thermostat that is the problem. Here’s how to test the defrost thermostat

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