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Dispositivo disponible en tiendas desde el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelos: A1863, A1905. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Colores - oro, plata o gris espacial.

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How to differ Ear speaker from other models?

Hello. I have a friend who’s call audio is muffled when talking on his iPhone 8

I was going to replace his ear speaker and probably his ear mesh as well. I have a bunch of ear speakers laying around but how do I know which one is for the iPhone 8?

I know the 8 / 8 plus are shaped a bit differently but do the iphone 7 and iphone 8 use the same exact ear speaker? Is there some numbers or code that the 8 speaker has so I can know it’s for the correct model?


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They are different in terms of where the screw mounting holes go. They don’t allow the screen / speaker to connect or to sit in properly.

When you mean call audio muffled. Does your friend mean that the person he is trying to listen to (other side of the call) sound muffled for him or is your friend having trouble hearing other people because they sound muffled on the ear speaker?

Trying to differentiate between a microphone or a earpiece speaker fault.

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I don’t really understand the question either unless they are talking about soldering the speaker to the flex cable. I would try Siri if she understands it would be the speaker. Also I would try voice memos as a muffled sound could be charge port mic and speakers especially if it’s the other end of the call that is muffled. I wouldn’t change anything out until I knew which part was causing the problem.

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The audio of the other person's voice is muffled when he puts his ear to the device.

Like he has to put his phone on speaker and talk that way often because the call audio isn't loud enough

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A lot of the time the dust filter on the screen just needs to be cleaned. A minute with a fine bristle brush should do the trick. If not you'll need to clean both sides which will mean removing the earpiece speaker also to clean as well behind the screen where the filter is.

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