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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2018. Model CLT-L29.

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Broken pin on motherboard

Hi, New to fixing phones, only my 4th. I thought I carefully stripped my phone to replace the camera module, but I had a small pin drop off when I removed the main board. See pic below.

Block Image

2 options I've had say you can either glue it at the edge to remake contact, and another saying they are not crucial to the phone operating, so leave it off.

Welcome some advice on what's best.

Thanks for any help.

Update (08/19/2020)

Thanks, I'll try that first and test.

I've tried to find schematics online,but not much joy.

No I think he meant glue. I've taken some better pics, as you can see on the part itself, the entire base of it is covered with a red paste/glue. No metal part is exposed where it was bonded to the board. No solder etc. And its sprung between the board and the screen.

Block Image

Block Image

And a closer pic of the board.

Block Image

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Justin Ray … without a schematic to know how those pins are functioning on the attached board, either advise is sound enough. If it was a pin that was not connected/functional or even a ground pin that isnt required for operation, you could leave it off. Since this is the easier of the two, i would try this first.

As far as gluing, not sure if it was actual glue being recommended or just a loose euphemism for making a solder joint to reattach the pin to the board it was adhered to. glue is not conductive and probably would just snap off again once pressure to reattach the connector was applied. would need to try and join these with a jumper wire or just a solder joint. Either way, youre looking at extremely tedious work.

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