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The De'Longhi BCO430 coffee center is a combination pump espresso and 10-cup drip coffee machine with frothing wand, silver and black.

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I have a De’Longhi all in one machine model # Bco 330T

The coffee maker portion of the machine is not heating up, I don’t hear the coil heating the water. The espresso maker portion works fine is this repairable?

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@pchris330 - If you need to make corrections go to the Options tab to make the edit or if you need to add information you can also create a new Answer entry when you save it will ask you if you want to post as an update.

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After doing some research, apparently this is a common issue with this brand. So, there is a central heating plate that heats the water for the espresso side and brewing side. The thermostat on the plate goes out and thermostat fuse gets blown. I will link a YouTube repair video below that explains this. Even though the model is a little bit different, it will be the same concept. I hope this helps. DeLonghi BCO430 Coffee Maker *WON'T BREW* *FIXED*

I apologize, the video has a model with a separate plate for the brewing side. This is why I felt it would be the most helpful for you.

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