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iPhone XS Max randomly turns off after around 5min (Not Charging Port)


I have an iPhone XS Max brought in by a customer that randomly turns off after 5min. I have looked at previous answers that have said the issue is the charging port however in the two cases I have, the iPhone has never been opened and thus the charging port is OEM, the same one that came out the box.

I have replaced the battery which worked for around a week before eventually reverting back to randomly turning off. I also have replaced the charging port just to check. I used another OEM one and the issue persists leading me to believe its the motherboard.

Upon inspecting the motherboard I haven’t found anything significant however maybe i’m looking in the wrong direction.

If anyone has had this issue before and fixed it please let me know! :-)

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+ In one case the iPhone has been dropped, the back cracked but aside from that, fully functional. In the second case the iPhone wasn’t dropped or anything, the problem just developed.

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It could be a lot of things causing it. I would recommend putting the board into a known good housing with known good screen to completely eliminate parts.

You could try and look at the log to see what it was doing before shutting down.

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Will try this and update you

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