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My controller is not turning on after sometime?

What happens is that when I press the ps button nothing turns on.After holding it for a long time it turns on.If I leave the controller unused for 1-2 days it does not turn on even by pressing the button like forever.i can use it wired without any problem.Help PLS!!

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Anyone can help fixing it btw it’s model no is CUH-ZTC1E

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The fault is usually caused by the conductive film going bad. One is from wear and the other reason is from liquid damage / corrosion around where the conductive film contacts with the board.

DualShock 4 Button Flex Board Replacement

There are multiple models of the conductive film so make sure to buy the compatible one. I believe there is a model / part number printed on the conductive film and logic board.

If there is liquid damage / corrosion on the logic board it’s a good idea to brush them off well with isopropyl alcohol 99% preferable with soft bristle brush gently.

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I actually have a wear out flex cable of light bar does that cause any issue btw thanks for u r solution appreciate it!

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That cable going from the charging daughter board that has the Lightbar LED on it is common to go faulty so I recommend replacing that first and see how it goes.

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Ok thanks for the help!

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@ben actually it did not happen from the first time it happened when some days passed so I will try the cleaning first!can I use spirit instead of alcohol?

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@ben logic board like the film that film u r talking about?

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