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Release date January 2012, identified by model number A03US.

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Can I repair my motherboard?

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While repairing the broken power jack on my laptop, I managed to snap the corner of the motherboard off and I would like to know if this is salvageable or not. It is roughly a 1x1cm piece that goes above the power jack and Ethernet port because the laptop is worth nothing to sell and currently there’s a lot of financial stress at home an we aren’t in a position to afford even a used £100 laptop and selling for parts will take a long time

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The bit circled is where it has snapped from. The actual laptop has been passed onyo someone who will pull out the hard drive and recover the files taken off. I dont think i could see any connections but the piece broken is where i have circled on this picture

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There’s not much you can break there without fatally damaging the motherboard. You can lose a small amount of groundplane PCB at most.

We need photos of the actual board to judge if it's repairable or a total loss. Boards aren’t cheap in the US; $50-70 from a quick eBay search. The cost of the board is about as much as a whole laptop.

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It depends on if it damaged anything important. Did damage electrical connections, parts on the motherboard? Or was it just a piece of the board that has nothing on it? Can take a picture of the damage with both pieces.

Update (06/30/2020)

Thev image not coming up. Can you edit the question and put the picture there instead of the comments.

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