No output from the Digital Audio Out (Optical) port

Samsung LA-46C550 LCD TV

Service manual:

Analogue amplifier does not pickup sound, through the StarTech SPDIF2AA Digi Coax/Toslink to RCA Analogue Audio Converter, from the TV.

The fibre cable shows the light but no flicker and no sound

TV is set to PCM digital output. This only choice allowed.

TV set to external speakers.

Firmware has been updated to latest ver 1024.1

The DAC works with the Blu-Ray player so the fibre cable and converter box are good.

Have gotten into TV service menu from Off by pressing INFO > MENU > MUTE > Power.

It is very extensive. but no explaination, of course.

Everything else works.

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Hi @aactech ,

Do you get audio if you connect using the TV's analogue audio out connection?

This is just to verify that the sound settings are correct i.e. Sound > speaker select TV speaker - off, External speaker - on. and also if there may be a problem with the audio controller

Did you try the Dolby option setting in lieu of pcm, just to check?

Also I might have it wrong but you linked the user manual and not a service manual so there are no service adjustments shown

- de

Hi @jayeff,

Yes TV analogue audio output is fine. TV speakers are fine.

Sound settings are good.

In settings Dolby is not an option as greyed out.

Thanks. I corrected the service manual link.

Of course the service manual doesn't explain any of the adjustments. It just lists them. Also some of these are greyed out as well, even in "Advanced factory mode".

- de

Hi @aactech

Back to basics (for me anyway) did you try a digital audio input signal or at least a signal that contains a digital video and also a digital audio signal? I think (and may be wrong here) that it won't send on spdif if there is no digital audio input.

If the video source signal is coming from a box that has a separate video out and an optical audio out you can try connecting the video to the TV and the audio to the converter and see if that works.

If the signal is from an antenna then it's back in the TV so still looking at the manual but as you say not much there for spdif except for the output power option which is normally at -9dB but can be altered up to 0dB which is quite high i.e. ~8X higher than the set value. every 3dB is double the power so 2 x 2 x 2

Just wondering what the converter's input threshold is like or what the BR player's spdif output power is as opposed to the TV's

Perhaps you could try setting the spdif output to -6dB and check or at increments of 1dB at a time as you don't want to overload the converter. Just a thought

- de

Hi @jayeff ,

Thanks. I'll try all the above tomorrow.

My audio experience is replacing bulging capacitors on amplifiers.

- de

Hi @jayeff ,

I tried that from the Blu_Ray. Didn't work.

The "SPDIF PCM Gain" doesn't even appear on the menu, even in the "hidden factory mode" from the "Advanced" menu.

Why would entire menu, as shown in the service manual, not show?

Did I miss a sequence of buttons?

- de

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