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Modelo A1001 o A1025 / procesador 667, 800, 867 o 1.0 GHz G4

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Cannot physically remove battery

My battery is stuck in the laptop. The release switch seems to be jammed. Can anyone help me with tips I might try to release it? I have had it in and out numerous times since acquiring the laptop but I guess the last time I installed it something went wrong.

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will the latch move?

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In case the battery might be trying to swell, press down on it close to the latch and then try to move the latch. The battery may be putting pressure on the latch and preventing it from unlocking.

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Battery old but I do not think swollen. I just tried your suggestion though. Good thought. The latch appears to be kind of in the middle. Not left or right. And pushing it hard does try to push up one corner. I suppose I can just leave it be but I feel better about removing a very old battery when I store it. I have been enjoying playing with old Apple product and this was a real find. Runs great but then I have this little problem. Old stuff. I have come to expect it. Battery will run the computer for about 20 minutes until it quits. I did look for a replacement but it appears they are not available any more. Still a beautiful machine.

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@scout100 That battery is likely a ticking time bomb if it's stuck. It's a 18650 pack so it doesn't expand like today's softcell packs, but sticking is bad. Get it out before you even consider storage.

20 minutes AND the latch mechanism has issues? Time for a new pack - especially with the limited charge left. The problem now is finding one - The A1012 pack for the TiBook is even hard to come by as a 3rd party part. Most of them are sold for the Al PowerBook. Refer to this site for all of the common part numbers.

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