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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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Battery life less than expected

Hi, I have got the battery replacement for my Macbook Pro 13" mid 2009 model. The self replacement guide on the website is great and so easy to follow. However, I first have 102% of the designed battery capacity, and after the FIRST caliberation following the instruction on apple website, the actually capacity got down to 94% only, and keep the same up to my 5th caliberation by now. What could be the way to make the capacity back to its near 100% condition? Thank you very much!



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I think laptops measure charge percentage by measuring battery voltage. Laptops use Lithium-Ion type batteries (or some slight chemical variation). These batteries extremely sensitive and if it was somehow damaged (or manufacturing defect) it will not go to it's full voltage, thus showing a reduced voltage.

What's your typical run time and what is your computer doing? Anything that might suggest the battery is no good?

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My MBP is exactly 2 years old and most of the time I attached the laptop to the power on my table. The first time I use the new battery, the power adapter comes pretty hot, and then after the first caliberation, it turns back to fine temp, but the battery shows only up to 94%. My usual operation is for word processing and online browsing, never use for gaming. No really complaining about the battery is no good but I would like to learn the way to make the battery back to its full capacity (after all, this is only the 5th day since I got it).

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Is this an Apple battery or 3rd party? I've seen 3rd part batteries that showed drastically different numbers than Apple batteries. It's not necessarily a problem, just that they were made to different specs.

Honestly I wouldn't worry about the numbers you describe unless you are having actual performance issues. Batteries are all different (unique snowflakes, so to speak) and the readings they give are approximate. If you were to buy 100 new batteries, a good percentage of them would have numbers just slightly off. There's no way to "make" a battery have the right numbers, and frankly it's not worth your time anyway. If you feel it's truly defective, have Apple replace it.

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Some tips.

After the battery is charged, remove the charger.

Do not use MacBook on power all the time. Charge only when it's less then 2% left. Then check after few days

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I repair old mac's and I have never been able to get the level upto 100%

I use third party batteries, and like the other user commented, I would not concern myself to much. For future reference and as it might help others, you can try CS batteries as I do, I get mine from Ebay but have been bitten once or twice with delays as sellers ship from Asia, there is one UK company Best Battery that I now use as they are in the UK.

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