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El Samsung Galaxy A10 es un teléfono inteligente Android desarrollado por Samsung Electronics. Fue lanzado en marzo de 2019.

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Microphone not working after water

Hello. So my friend dropped his Samsung galaxy a10e in water and when making calls his microphone doesn’t work and when you are calling him on speaker all you hear is static. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Cheers

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first turn it off and remove the battery if possible.

get a can of air and try to blow out all the openings on the phone. including the microphone.

typically newer phones are pretty water resistant and you might just have water in there blocking sound.

if that doesnt work while its still taken apart put it on a vent for like your heating and leave it for a day or two to dry out further. DONT NOT PUT IT IN RICE lol! the debris from the rice can get into places you dont want it.

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Ik no rice it works now

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Instead of rice, I've found, a zip lock bag, a couple cotton ball's, and those moisture absorbing things inside pill/vitamin bottles and in premium beef jerky, a few of each preferably, work pretty good pretty quick.

D.on’t short yourself on time to let it dry, dont want those kind of problems.

If after letting. It dry adequately , you find it still has the same issue(s), the speaker/ear piece could need replaced, and possibly Other parts too.

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Desiccant packets

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