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14" display with Intel Core i5 business laptop, released in 2012. The full model number is R940-S9421.

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laptop wont stay on running windows 10 but will with every other os


Got a toshiba tecra z40, for some reason it wont stay on while running windows 10. It turns on then starts to load then switches itself off. Before windows events loads.

I have tried running windows 7 and linux mint on it and laptop works fine whilst running them. As soon as I install windows 10 it turns itself off before booting. It then needs a battery pull before it will turn back on. Have tried different batteries , and ram.. have tried a few different windows 10 installation sun's all with same results. Windows installs fine and sets up fine, but as soon as I move the mouse it turns off, and needs the battery pull, before switching off before booting up. Really frustrating

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Hi @danscreens ,

Try starting the Win 10 laptop in safe mode and check what happens.

If it stays on there is most probably a driver problem as Windows only loads "basic" Windows' drivers in safe mode and not the specific laptop hardware drivers

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@jayeff thanks mate stayed on in safe mood.

- de

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