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The Dell XPS M1730 (model #DYCWM92_6) was first manufactured in 2007. It is primarily used as a gaming laptop.

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Upgrading HDD to SSD

I have a 500g hard drive (250 each) and want to upgrade it to 1TB SSD. Do I have to use 2X500G SSD’s or can I use one 1TB SSD for the upgrade? What kind of software can I use to migrate the HDD to SSD?

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Hi @manjulad .

I assume that you have one 500GB HDD that has two partitions of 250GB each or did you replace the optical drive with a HDD so that you have two HDDs?

Here’s the service manual for the laptop.

Go to p.15 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and them the procedure to remove the HDD.

Here’s a link to just one supplier of SSD and RAM for your laptop. It shows that you can install up to a 2TB SSD in the laptop. The link is only to show you the cost and what is available. There are other suppliers that may suit you better.

Usually with the supplier mentioned above, they also supply instructions and software (Acronis True Image - download online when product reference number supplied) to transfer the data.

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