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The Durango was marketed as a sturdy truck-based SUV designed to hold up to seven passengers and tow up to 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) when properly equipped.

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Changing old oil pan

I have an 03 Dodge Durango sxt with the 4.7l v8 2wd and I need help on figuring out how to replace the oil pan.

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First if you no patients don't remove pan on your own as I just went through a week of hell. First 2003 are completely different than any other year step by step (first if you think rod bearing check your flexplate bolts first wish I had$$$$ ---)now 2003 2wd 4.7

Step1 remove fuel port injector .

2)remove map sensor intake manifold cables brackets completely remove .

3) loosen both motor mounts jack engine as high as you can.

) Have a beer relax.

5) Drain oil.

6) Renive extension plate between tranny and oil pan.

7) remove oihl pan bolts

8) With oil pan down and to the left reach in and remove two mm13 nuts fr.m tranny side of pan and one from engine side of pan ( pain in the ass rachet wrench works the best.

9) Gently reach in a disconnect oil pick up let it rest in pan.

10) Angle pan tranny side Toward driver side and shake shake the hell out of it untill it comes out . Follow theses steps and you'll havee a new pan on within 1 1/2 hours.

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Hi @twaymire ,

Here’s the Dodge Durango 2000 Service & Repair Manual and Wiring Diagrams, which shows how to remove and install the oil pan for a 4.7L 4 x 2 year 2000 Durango. I think that this will be the same for your year model

Scroll down and click on the Engine link. When it opens in a new page, click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox and then when the file has opened go to p.9-61 through p9-65 in the document to view the removal and installation procedure for the oil pan.

To download it to your computer to make it easier to use, click on the download link in the top right of the document header bar,

Hopefully this is of some help

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