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XM Satellite Ready & SIRIUS Satellite Ready 5-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI. There are multiple versions of this receiver and the differences are usually negligible. Depending on which receiver you have, some repairs may be performed differently.

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Left channel not working from all inputs!

The left channel leaving the receiver is mute from all input sources (including FM), and the same happens when headphones are plugged in. I would love to solve this on my own, is this a big task?

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Hi @ruggs

It depends.

If you can read schematic circuits and have and know how to use a DMM (digital multimeter) then here’s the service manual for the receiver. It has the full wiring diagram for the receiver, some troubleshooting flowcharts, disassembly instructions and a parts list, so basically it has everything you need to locate and fix the problem.

It may be something simple like a faulty connection to the left speaker output connector or as difficult as tracking down the problem from the left speaker output terminal back through the left speaker channel audio amp stages etc. until you locate where the problem lies. You won’t know until you start testing.

If you don’t know how to read wiring diagrams or how to safely test “live” circuits with a DMM, then it will be extremely difficult.

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I have a multimeter and I have read simple wiring diagrams , but its been a good 25 years since I've done so, also mine is a VSX-9120TXH but the front panel is almost identical to this model shown, I should be able to find the diagrams. When testing with my multimeter where would be a good starting point to test?

- de

@ruggs ,

Here's the service manual for your model.

After you have clicked on the reCAPTCHA link below the Document preview box and clicked on Go to Download, there will be a message saying ".......processing". Be patient as it takes a little while to find the file. When it does it will show "........Download.......". Click on Download as that it the link.

My view is to start at the output connector to the left speaker and work backwards.

Since all inputs are affected I'm thinking that the DSP (digital signal processor) is OK as the analogue signals are also affected, so it will be somewhere between where the digital and analogue signal have a common input point into the left channel audio amps and the speaker connection point.

- de

Thanks, I'll start there!

- de

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