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System cannot boot, looks like Hard disk crash

MAC OS Lion, system fail to boot.

Boot Target Disk Mode, I can check all contents in the hard disk.

Boot Single User mode, saying "I/O error", but fsck is OK

So I assume hard disk crash. Swap in a new 500G HD. Use USB drive for Lion Recovery Disk. It cannot see the new HD. Swap back the old disk, it can see it but fail in partitioning.

Hard press the "SATA" connector on the Logic board, the Lion Recovery process can see the new HD, restore from time machine. Everything fine but the system is not stable, it fails frequently. Hard press the "SATA" connector will let it works for a while then fail again.

Put the old HD in USB external enclosure, the HD works OK. It proves nothing wrong with the HD.

Should I change the "SATA" cable?

Any chance of SATA port failure on Logic board?

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Put the new drive in the external USB enclosure. Boot from your 10.6 system installation disk. Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utilities. Select the drive in the left hand column. Format it using the "write zeros" option to map out any bad blocks. Install 10.6 and run the updates. Insert the new drive into the machine and see if it works. Now load the 10.7 install onto the hard drive and install it.

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I eventually figure out that is the HD SATA cable problem. After replacing it, all working fine


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