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My Phone does not charge when connected

My phone does not charge when connected to the charger.

Charger works on another Samsung phone but does not on mine.

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I had this happen to my A70. I replaced the USB-C port but it still wouldn't charge.

I read later that it's a failure in the chip that controls charging and saw a video where a guy soldered a thin wire from the chip directly to the USB-C port and it started charging again.

I have up after that cause there's no one in my area that does micro soldering and that's just not in my wheel-house.

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I recently had this happen to my Nexus 6, so i can tell you a lot about what to look at.

First thing to do is to reset the Power Chip. This process takes a while. First, run the battery down all the way, until the phone turns off. Then keep turning it on until it will not even start to boot (no lights, black screen). Let it sit that way for an hour or so. Then try to charge it. The only way to reset the Power Controller Chip is to completely drain the battery. I have had this fix one of my android phones which was not taking a charge via the Micro USB port. If the phone starts to take a charge, charge it up all the way and then shutdown (power off), wait a few minutes, and turn the phone on again. Completely draining the battery can leave some of the hardware in a bad state, but a power cycle should fix that.

Is your phone a Samsung A70? Or am I seeing an ad for the A70 on this web page? If you have an A70, you do not have built-in wireless charging (Qi).

If your phone is Qi capable, then get (or borrow) a Qi wireless charger. Ignore this bit if your phone is an A70. If the phone takes a charge via Qi, then you can use that to charge it until you get a new jack installed. There are Qi chargers for sale at Target for $10, up front near the registers, in the “$10 or less” section.

For my phone, replacing the micro USB jack is $100 parts and $100+ for labor. The micro USB or USB-C jack is the first thing to be installed into the phone case when it is being assembled, and the last thing to come out when it is being disassembled for repairs, so the labor charges for replacing it are high.

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i had the same issue and after a lot of tries to replace the charger or the cable , i go to customer service and they told me after checking it that the problem in the charging chip and exactly in the IC of charge and they don’t have the IC but they have the chip of charging and after they replace it the charging works correctly but after 5 months the issue come back again and after checking the mobile again by the customer service they told me that the IC damaged again and they replace it again but the phone did’t work this time and by checking again by customer service they told me that the port of charge cable in the mother board is broken and they did’t have replace parts to it and my phone is still broken until now , and by searching internet about samsung galaxy A70 reviews , i found that a lot of customers have a lot of issues of this phone because of the poor and bad material that the company made the phone from

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