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XM Satellite Ready & SIRIUS Satellite Ready 5-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI. There are multiple versions of this receiver and the differences are usually negligible. Depending on which receiver you have, some repairs may be performed differently.

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Volume knob Not working to raise Volume

So the when I turn the Volume knob up to increase the Volume it just goes down to negatives(ex….-1,-2,-3etc..)and I cannot get it past the 0 to raise it just goes into the negatives. The knob spins all the way around when it suppose to go up to 12oclock(+) and down to 6oclock (-) . I took it off try to push it in but cannot figure… Does anyone know how I can fix it??

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Volume Control Potentiometer Cleaning

The grease often messes these things up - remove it with contact cleaner like DeoxIT D5 and it tends to solve the issue permanently. However, if it has been abused the switch may need to be replaced. I got mine for free and fixed it with a can of contact cleaner.

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I bet that the sensor on this is clogged with dust or lint and cannot detect the beam interruption by rotating the control. Take the cover off and use canned or compressed air to clean the area aaround the volume control. I have also had this happen with a different unit (A Sony compact stereo).

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