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Repair information for the Asus VivoBook Flip 14. Model numbers: TP412U/TP412UA/TP412FA. Released in 2018.

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How do I replace the battery?

I have an asus model TP410U, I assume it should be a similar fix. My battery wear is about 17.7% so I assume my charge level is around 82% and I charge my laptop like twice a day. I assume that I need a replacement battery but I do not see guides for this laptop anywhere at all could anyone please send me a link for instructions and where to buy the battery?

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Were you able to take out the battery? I’m having trouble with which screws to take out

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Hi @wzjuziua ,

First create a Win 10 battery report to check the condition of the battery to see if it really does need replacing or if there is another problem

I couldn’t find a teardown for your exact model, but here’s a link to a video that shows a RAM upgrade for an Asus TP412 which may be of some help in gaining access to the battery. (Although to me it is wrong in that the battery was not disconnected before touching anything inside the laptop, but that’s beside the point)

The battery part number for an Asus TP410UA is 0B200-02660000.

If you search online using the part number only in the search term of your browser, you will get results for suppliers of the part

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Hello @jayeff,

After leaving the charger on during a power surge, my battery has been stuck at 0% available, (plugged in) for a few days. It was working fine before. I did a battery report and for full charge capacity it just shows a “-”. Would you think this means the battery needs to be replaced?

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Have you checked that the charger is still OK (19.2V DC at the charger plug) or tried a different compatible known working charger?

Does the laptop show that it is still charging?

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I don’t have a voltmeter or another charger at hand so I wasn’t able to test those yet.

It shows it’s charging (but doesn’t say anything about it, only “0%, plugged in”) so I’m assuming that means it does detect the charger. Whenever I take my charger out of the laptop, it shows 0% battery, hibernates, and locks itself. Since it only stays on when plugged in to the AC adapter, it seemed like the problem was the battery being fried or something, not the charger. I just wanted to have a better idea about what could be the issue before I bought another charger or had the battery replaced.

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Without a voltmeter it would only be guessing.

Detecting the charger is one thing. Whether the charger is supplying sufficient voltage is another

Can you borrow a compatible charger from a friend or maybe go to a computer shop and ask if you could just try one for a minute to see if it works OK etc?

At least this way if it behaves the same it's pointing more to the battery or the battery management circuits on the motherboard

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I’ll either get a multimeter or try out a compatible charger and hopefully that tells me something. Thank you for the help!

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