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After battery replacement, home button not working: likelihood of fix?

Hi all, I completed the iPhone 7 battery replacement guide tonight but find that now my home button doesn’t work (the precise error message I get is about Touch ID not activating). If I re-open the phone, how likely is it that I will be able to re-enable the home button?

While I have read that it may be as simple as re-fastening the two display cables, I did have some trouble putting them in and worry I may have damaged the one that connects the home button.

Is there any way I can infer with greater certainty whether I can fix the button before I re-open the phone or is it more likely that I damaged the cables beyond repair?

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Most of the time it’s a damaged or improperly seated cable. Check the flex cables for any tears or creases. If any of them are damaged, you can replace the display. Just make sure you get one without the camera assembly. Most of the time they’re junk. You’ll just need to transfer the camera, sensors, and ear speaker assembly along with the home button. Be extra careful with the home button because although you can buy replacements, you’ll permanently lose TouchID.

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Almost always the screen cable going bad after being opened. Try another screen.

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If you are sure and checked that home button flex is not damage, sometimes it will help if you connect it to itunes on pc and restore your iphone.

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