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JBL flip 3 found in my garden (no joke) but sound not working

Today as I went outside I found a JBL Flip in my garden near the neighbors fence. The speaker is a bit dirty, I don't know how long it was out there. Nevertheless the buttons still work, Bluetooth too and it charges fine. However there is no sound coming out when I click on the buttons, connect to Bluetooth or try to play music on it. I opened the speaker and inside of it there was a broken piece. I really don't know where it came from, here is a photo if you can maybe help me with it ! I would really like to repair the JBL but don't know how

Update (03/17/2020)

Here are the photos :

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @juju_stine ,

Just verifying that it is a Flip 3 as you state Flip in the question?

When you say "... try to play music on it", do you mean that you connected a an audio source to the speaker's 3.5mm aux jack via a stereo audio cable and there was still no sound from the speaker?

that looks like a speaker coil but maybe not.

Bit hard to tell.

Does the speaker cone have a hole in it in the middle at the back?

Here's a link to the ifixit JBL Flip repair guides.

If it's the Flip 3 here's the ifixit JBL Flip 3 repair guides. Perhaps a start

- de


Yes it is a JBL Flip 3. When I say “try to play music on it, I mean I pressed play on a YouTube video on my phone while it was connected to the speaker through Bluetooth.

I did further research and found out what the problem was : it's a coil (1R5) which fell off from the motherboard. It's exactly the same thing as in this video :

The problem is I don't know how to put a new coil back on the motherboard… I do not have any professional equipment for it. Any advice ?

- de

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Hi @juju_stine ,

Since you don't have any soldering tools etc, dis-assemble the speaker and take just the circuit board and the component to a mobile phone repair service or an electronics repair service and ask them to solder it back on.

Take the video with you on your phone as well as it shows where it belongs on the board if they’re not sure where it goes.

They should do this for minimal cost (maybe even nothing if you ask nicely) as they don't have to dis-assemble / re-assemble the speaker or make sure that it works etc. You will be doing all that.

Alternatively you may know of someone that you can ask, who has the skills and tools to do smd (surface mounted device) soldering

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@jayeff Thank you so much for your help ! I think I will do that once the Coronavirus is over (because rn no repair shop is open).

Take care,


- de

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