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Hand held walki sound garbled but transmits to other unit

When receiving a voice message it is garbled on a handheld walki

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Hi @thinktwice ,

Have you tried using different channels to see if the reception is clearer?

Just clarifying that the reception heard on the other walkie talkie is OK and is also not garbled?

Just wondering if the Eavesdrop Feature is on in one phone but not the other so that transmission is OK one way but not the other.

Not sure if this is how it works and or if transmission both ways would be scrambled.

Here’s an image that shows how to set it so that you can check anyway

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Change the batteries. What model Walkie Talkie?

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No the batteries are fresh it’s a small Motorola T6300 I took it apart thinking it had a torn speaker but it has no speaker like I thought. I am not a electronics person I put it back together still has terrible sound

- de

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