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I want to have ram increased

I need more ram also keyboard needs to be repaired

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It’s soldered on this one. Asus has moved to soldered RAM on most of their laptops within 5 years. The part that is absolutely infuriating is the ROG machines don’t have this problem - or at least have half soldered/1 DIMM module setup.
To be honest, I suspect that’s because the buyers of ROG laptops will have no hesitation to cut them off for soldering RAM in a gaming laptop and WILL call them out so bad, they won’t recover.

Please, stop buying Asus laptops until they cut it out with the soldered RAM. I can sort of understand on a super thin ultrabook (but personally, I’d pass even used!) but if the chassis has room or 2 SODIMM slots, it’s unacceptable. Most of the laptops with soldered RAM have room for a pair of SODIMM slots. At this point, it’s a scam to overcharge for memory and because we accept it, they keep doing it.
I used to tolerate partially soldered RAM in these machines, but no more forgiving it - AT ALL. I used to blacklist entire series for one having it as a precaution but didn’t do it for partial soldered (yellow status, discouraged but tolerated) and green lighted machines with fully modular RAM for a few years. The problem is that tolerance has led to the Intel Evo spec (RAM is soldered on all of these due to having to be Evo certified - usually DDR4X or DDR5X GPU memory, or soldered DDR4 that is Evo certified) and manufacturers soldering standard DDRX RAM more and more. It can no longer be overlooked if we want to see modular RAM be more commonplace :-(. I take it one step further personally and make it where the WLAN/WWAN* cards, RAM and SSD have to be socketed. I highly encourage others reading this to take it as far as I do - anything you need to service from time to time=do not buy.
*This is usually only found on business class notebooks.

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