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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2018. Model CLT-L29.

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Unresponsive screen after 10 second cleaning in sink (IP67)

Hi, I usually pour some water on my P20 Pro to clean it if it’s dirty. No soap or bathing. I’m just pouring some water in the sink on the phone. The phone does have a small crack at the bottom right corner. But It’s been fine with water anyways. My issue now is that the screen started spazzing around and clicking everywhere at first. Then it started clicking just in a specific row. (Bottom notification bar placement ~ on Android Pie (9.1). Now it’s not responding to my touches at all.

So first I tried shaking water out of speakers and other holes. But the phone should be IP67 water rated. But now as mentioned earlier the screen does not respond to touches at all. So now I put my phone in a plastic bag of rice ~ 15-20 minutes ago and I am going to wait and see what happens. Anyone got any idéas on what it can be and is it cheap or expensive to fix if needed special fixing, and lastly where can you fix it? Huawei’s own support and repair or just any repair shop?

I am really stressed out about the situation right now because I am getting a new phone tomorrow and my mom is supposed to take over this phone and I really don’t want it to be broken over less water than in a normal-sized glass of water pouring.

  • Rasmus Haasted
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@rismose Rice does not work. It does not do anything but gives you a false sense of doing something. Remove the phone from the Rice.

For now you want to stop continuing to try to charge, sync or otherwise use your phone. This potentially can make a bad situation worse. This may further damage your phone.

The next thing to do is to clean it. Disassemble your phone using Huawei P20 Pro these guides . You must remove all EMI shields. If you do not remove those, you might as well not do anything. After you removed those, clean the whole board, connectors and all with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Follow this guide , and even so it was written for a Apple iPhone 3G all the points are still pertinent to your phone. While you clean your board, check for any obvious damage, like burned or missing components etc. When it is properly cleaned, replace the battery. All these steps are to avoid delayed failure caused by corrosion. Best thing to do would be to clean it with an ultrasonic cleaner, but if you do not have access to one, this will at least help. Once all this is done, reassemble your phone and reevaluate. Until it is cleaned, everything will only be a guess. It is possible that you have a bad LCD and replacing the display assembly may fix it. Even with all this, water damage has only a small chance to be fully repaired, but at least you can give it a try.

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Unfortunately chances are high that you have damaged your phone due to water . Ip6 and 7 aren’t really explained too good , they claim to be able to be submerged under water but truth is it’s barley water resistant:(

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@smartassnegro you are really not providing a good answer. IP is the name of the standard that was drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to determine how resistant an electrical device is to fresh water and common raw materials – like dirt, dust and sand. IP67 means this phone could be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. So as you can see it is no IP6 and 7......

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i used my to make photos underwater now the phone works no problems but after fewhours display started blinking crazy like when you drop your phone and screen is damaged same blinking and showing picture not propery then after few moments it goes dark or noisy or green or just black but al functions of the phone work if i plug external cable i have feeling a wi be okay so wahts up with dispay i opened it cleaned alcohol no water inside not a single trace of water inside still display dont work why i dont know goodbye huawei

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