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Released 2016, this Sharper Image stunt drone is rechargeable and has a 150-foot flying range. It is black with 4 propellers. It has a 2.4GHz transmitter. It requires no FAA registration and includes charging cable and (4)replacement blades. It has removable blade guards.

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Where can I find a charger fora dx-2sharper image drone?

i cant find my dx-2 sharper image charger where can i find/buy one

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where can i buy a charger/ find one

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It definitely does not take a micro USB charger. I have the same issue with misplacing the charger for it.

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Here’s a link to an image in the user manual that shows the drone being charged by a computer from the USB port.

If you want a charger just for the drone here’s a link to just one supplier. It is only shown to give an idea of the cost. There are others that may suit you better. just search for Sharper Image DX-2 charger to get results.

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You can get the charging cable from places like this For the charger follow the link provided by @jayeff

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