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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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Backlights are flashing. What do I need to buy to fix it?

I have a Samsung UN60J6200AFXZA. The screen just up and faded to black while in the middle of gaming. Red standby light blinks 3 times and then double blinks. I took the back panel off and plugged it in. (I've been using a surge protector for years.) The backlight flashes through the holes. When I disconnect the main wires from both circuit boards the backlights still stay flashing. I believe I read somewhere that if you unplug the wire and the backlight stays on then it means one thing and if it stays flashing it means another.. Well mine stays flashing. The capacitors dont seem burned or bulged.

Can anyone tell me which board most likely needs replacing? Or is it an LED strip replacement?

Kids are driving me crazy!! Thanks!

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Hi @oldturkey03,

I've never come across a 'flashing" backlight with the mainboard disconnected. No backlights or solid backlights only.

I'd be checking the backlight connections as a start

Your thoughts?


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I tried uploading a video just now but it's too large. I REALLY hope its not the LED replacement. I've seen a video or 2 on that and it looks intense haha. I did however see a YouTube video of someone with the exact issue I have and they replaced the main board. It fixed the problem. I ended up buying one for $30 on eBay and it showed up today. But now I'm worried about opening it and trying it out if its going to be the LED strips. I dont have a multi meter, but is there a way to test the main board on my tv?

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@coldmainer if you have the main board just replace it and see if that works for you. It should not be the main board since you separate the main board from the power board and the backlights were still blinking, but since you have it already just go for it.

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Okay, I tried the main board and you were both absolutely correct. It was not a faulty main board issue. I wish I took a little more time and picked your brains before I bought the part.

Side note, I plugged the LED back into the power board while it was still powered on and the LED made a sizzle noise and screwed them up even more. Haha boy I really hope I didn't short circuit anything else in that process..

Ive looked for suction cups online and LED strips. Seems there's a bundle of 12 strips and the suction cups from ShopJimmy for $99 altogether. That might be the best option.

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Sounds like the rest of the LED's got cooked :>) Happens to me a lot LOL . Anyhow , yes ShopJimmy is the way to go. I am sure you could get those a little cheaper at other places but ShopJimmy has great quality and excellent service. Let us know how it works out.

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@coldmainer sounds like a backlight array (strip) issue. Some of the LED’s are heating up and turning off and thus create the cycling. Of course you do want to check the power board output to the LED’s to make sure that it is not the board turning it off.

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Hey guys. I'm new on here and didn't realize I had answers already. Thanks for the replies. I actually made a quick video of what I did.. Is there a way to post it?

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@coldmainer if it is a short video you can post it just like you did with the picture. Anything else you would have to use youtube etc. and post a link

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Okay sounds good

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Did you ever post what you did to fix. I believe I have the same issue, changed several , almost all of the boards same issue.

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@alfred cain you do not need to change the boards, if it is the backlight array. You need to change the backlight inside the panel.

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