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Una máquina lavadora con carga superior de Fisher&Paykel.

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water filling the machine is just dribbling.

Water to the machine is fine but the water filling the machine is just dribbling so the machine is cutting off because it's taking to long to fill. Any suggestions please

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Hi @shersky1313,

What is the model number of the washer?

Does this happen on both the hot and cold water wash cycles?

It sounds as though the water inlet solenoids are either blocked or faulty or that the water inlet hose(s) filter is blocked with grit and debris.

Also sometimes the hose can be faulty, especially the hot water hose as it tends to collapse internally, restricting the flow of the water. Not sure where you meant when you said “Water to the machine is fine….” whether this meant just at the taps or at the end of the hoses.

With some washers (and you didn’t state your model) the filter is in the end of the hose connection that screws into the washer whereas on others it is in the washer’s hose inlet connection. Basically the same point except one is in the hose and the other is in the washer.

If it is determined that the water inlet solenoid is faulty, it cannot be repaired. It has to be replaced.

If you search online for (insert washer’s make and model number) parts you should find suppliers of the parts for the machine

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Time for new water valves

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