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Para 1999, el Quest fue rediseñado en Nissan Design America en San Diego, California, bajo Diane Allen, durante 1993 y 1995.

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Headlight not working like it should

My driver side headlight doesnt turn on most of the time and my highbeam light stays lit on the dash regardless of if the highbeams are on or not when the headlight does come on the highbeam light on the dash turns off not sure what to do any advice is greatly appreciated

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Either there is a problem in the headlamp control unit or a wiring problem for the driver’s headlamp operating circuit.

Here’s a link to the electrical wiring section for a 2000 Nissan Quest.

On p.EL-32 there is a description of the low beam headlamp operating circuit.

On p.EL34-35 there are circuit diagrams for the headlamp circuits including the instrument panel high beam indicator light.

On the following pages are diagnostic tests for all the lamp circuits e.g. p.EL-42 headlamp control unit inspection table showing what voltage should be present on which terminal in the control unit under what circumstances

Hopefully the manual will help you to find the problem.

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