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Element Enigma Phone Case Repair

I recently bought the Element Enigma Phone case for iPhone XR, the slightest thing that scrapes against it scratches the aluminum bezel. Is there any way to buff this out and fix the paint?

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@doctorsleepy if you are that attached to this expensive case I’d suggest an automotive body shop. You’ll be surprised what they can do. Should not cost you any more than the case itself but you can get it at least painted with paint that will not scratch easily off. Or you can get it electroplated. All of this will of course depend on how much you want to spend on it. If you want to minimize the expanse get a buffing wheel and buffing paste from your hardware store and carefully buff those scratches out yourself. After that you could use some rattlecan paint made for aluminium surfaces to cover it again.

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Frankly speaking, I don't think that it is real. Many years ago, my boyfriend made me the present and covered my phone back panes with the author's painting in the technique of airbrushing. And unfortunately, after that, there appeared problems with prone working and the back panel began to move away and did not fit snugly against the phone. All the more so over time, all the paint has peeled off. That's why for the last years I select leather flip cases. The looks really cool and I don't worry about the safety of my phone.

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