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The second generation of the Mazda 3, also known as the Mazda3 and Mazda Axela, sedan and hatchback series by Mazda.

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Sanyo CD player to radio ribbon cable path?

During repair of the single CD player in my 2014 Mazda6, the ribbon cable that connects it to the Radio motherboard detached at radio end. Ribbon cable has less “pins” than “receiving” part on motherboard and don’t know exactly where it should be reattached. Unit was built by Sanyo. Mazda claims it does not have repair manual.

Advice on how to find connection point welcome.

GL McCormick

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What I would do is go to a junkyard and buy a used one. The problem with trying to rewire it is it’s going to be difficult without a manual :-(. Unless you get it right, you’re going to fry it. I kind of do not believe Mazda as these are OEM’d out for them, but maybe it isn’t available to the service department because they just replace assemblies.

Best you can do is look at it and use common sense to figure the easy ones out, and work on the difficult ones. You might be able to find a internal reference online with the radio Part#. Photos may help here if you need an idea of how.

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