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The Lenovo G500s Touch was released in June 2013. The G500s is an entry-level laptop that features a slim design and an affordable cost offering the best cost-effective laptop.

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Keyboard not working, laptop screen shuts off. Need help ASAP.

So what started the issue was when I was playing Roblox. Then my keyboard suddenly stopped working. I actually have a G700, but that wasn't listed. Anyways, I closed out of chrome but that didn't work. Then I shut it off. Now the laptop itself is on but the screen won't turn on. What do I do?

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Hi @someonealone

Try connecting an external monitor the the laptop's HDMI port and check if there is a display on it when the laptop is turned on.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as you have the appropriate cable to connect the two together.

Don't forget change the TV's "input" to the appropriate HDMI port and also to press the f10 key on the laptop to toggle the video output between the laptop screen, the external monitor and both on together.

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@jayeff I don't have a wire for that.

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Hi @someonealone ,

Turn on the laptop and then shine a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen and check if you can detect an image at all.

It will be very faint so try it in a darkened room to help you see it if it is there.

If there is no image then you have a motherboard problem.

If there is an image there then you have a screen backlight problem.

This could be either a faulty backlight power supply from the motherboard, a faulty LVDS cable or cable connection at either end or a faulty display panel.

Here’s a link to the Lenovo G700 hardware maintenance manual which may be of some help if you want to check the LVDS cable, cable connections or to replace the LCD display panel if it is determined that the problem is with the LCD display panel.

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