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Braun MGK3060 Juego de recorte de precisión 8 en 1 para el rostro y la cabeza

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Braun 5513 Stopped working after charge.

I’ve just had my second Braun 5513 stop working after (I believe) the first charge after using a few times. Both trimmers seemed to be working well with normal battery discharge and would still power on before I plugged them in. However, when I tried to turn on after sever hours of charging, there was no motor action at all. I should note that the same charger was used both times, so maybe it’s frying something but I can’t think of what else it may be. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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my braun 5513 won't charge only ,purchased it 3 days ago

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Hi @ murray.wallace6

Take it back for a replacement or refund as it should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty

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@ murray.wallace6

That is in relation to the ambient temperature where the trimmer is being charged

Most rechargeable batteries won't charge properly if the temperature is below freezing or if it is too hot e.g. >120°F (50°C)

If you bought it on a credit card sometimes they might take a credit card statement showing when and who you bought it from as proof of purchase.

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room temp is was between 20/25 celsius ,,

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Hi @adaml0030 ,

Have you got a DMM (digital multimeter) so that you can test the voltage output from the charger?

This link shows the the output from the adapter for a Braun Type 5513 is 2.3VDC. It may also be stamped on the charger itself if you wish to verify what the charger’s DC output voltage is.

This would be the first thing to check and see if the charger was providing the correct output voltage.

If it is providing the correct output when testing the output voltage (DMM Voltmeter leads connected to the plug connectors at the end of the cord that goes into the shaver) flex the cord where it leaves the adapter and check that the voltage remains constant. If the cord is fractured then the voltage fluctuations might have damaged the charge circuit in the shaver. Also flex the cord where it enters the plug at the end of the cord for the same reason

If it all tests OK, then you will have to open the shaver and inspect and test for any problems.

Here’s a link to a video which shows how to replace the battery in a Braun BT3020 which I believe is a Type 5513 so it may be of some help.

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Hi ! @jayeff

If I get more powerful adapter to charge the product, will it be working while charging ? Because now when i plug to charge it i can’t use the product Braun bt3222, So my question is if I get usb charger for the product and use a more powerful adapter to charge it will it work while charging ?

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I don't know the trimmer so I'm not sure.

What is the voltage output from the adapter you're using now? It should be printed on the adapter itself.

A USB charger usually supplies +5V DC so if the voltage output from the adapter you're using now is less than this, plugging in a USB charger will damage the circuit in the trimmer, unless the USB charger drops its output voltage down to what is needed by the trimmer., e.g. adapter designed to be plugged into a USB port but supplies the appropriate voltage output. It has to be a purpose designed USB charger for the trimmer, not just a general USB charger.

Also having a charger with the correct voltage but with a higher current output may work but it depends on the circuit design in the trimmer. It may be that it is designed not to operate when the adapter is connected so as to charge the battery more quickly.

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