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Support and repair information for Marantz home theater AV receivers and older audio-only receivers.

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Marantz sr7500 receiver only standby light comes on?

Put it in storage working in a storage tote, now I plug it in and only the standby light comes on. Any ideas why and how to fix it ???

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Hi @kosak

Looking at the service manual for the receiver initially check for:

a) faulty Power On/Off switch

b) loose cable connection between the Push pcb (location of the Power On/Off switch) and the Standby Power pcb at either end.

c) Loose cable connection between the Standy pcb and the Power pcb, at either end.

d) Check if +15V, -15V, +5VD and +5VV voltages are being supplied by the Power pcb when the On/Off button is operated.

Do checks a), b) and c) either visually or with an Ohmmeter and with the power totally disconnected from the receiver

When performing check d) be safety aware when you go to test for these voltages as you will be working in an area of the receiver where potentially lethal voltage is present when the power is connected. If you don’t know how to use a DMM (digital multimeter), then don’t risk it, as you can cause damage to the receiver and more importantly to yourself. Leave it for the experts to find the problem. Contact a reputable, professional audio electronics repair service and ask for a quote

If these initial checks test out OK you will have to delve further into the circuit to find out why it is not turning on.

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