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Why Does Paper Keep Jamming?

I am working on this Xerox Workcentre C2424 for a lawyer and yes it is a old printer, but they want to keep using it. Less waste so it’s the right idea as long it can be fixed. The paper keeps jamming in the front section right at the entrance of what I believe is called the paper pre-heater or destew assembly. It will show to open the exit cover to remove jam and when doing so, it will go to showing the front cover since that is where the jam is located. I will remove the paper jam and every time it will get jammed there. I have replaced it with a good one and I have the same results. I disconnected the two cables two different times to make sure the printer can see that a cable is unplugged and it will show a error and error code each time. At this point I feel like it has to be mechanical. Any ideas on what it could be?

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It’s usually the rollers on older printers like this, especially with as many pages as I would expect a law firm to put on a machine over ~14 years of consistent use.

Precision Roller sells a kit with the retread and pickup rollers in one set, as both are usually worn out or one is nearly just as bad and due to fail soon, so it’s best to deal with both of them now. I would start there and see if it’s still an issue - if it is, something may have failed internally and that’s generally not worth fixing.

If you can get away with just rollers, tell them to keep it until it’s too far gone. The newer ones block 3rd party supplies actively (and reinstallations by calling it “used toner”).

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@nick Well it did sit for a long time. I believe she said it was down for like 4 years then she heard of me working on stuff and asked me to work on it. It stopped working due to the printhead assembly burning out. So I had to replace that, "fun" and long project that was but it's cool to learn something new. She had used it for months since then and then it started having this issue. It will pull the paper from any of the trays but get stuck at the paper pre-heater. But I'll give that a shot and see what that does. I'll try to remember to comment back on an update. Thank you for the hint

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@car34 I was thinking it was in regular use for years on end since it was used by a lawyer and they focus more on staying up to date on computers and running printers dead. I would still check the page count since it's probably on the high end.

While the lack of 3rd party toner blocks is worth something, it's a big reason to keep it IF the repairs are cheap enough to do but not enough to justify a major repair that costs too much.

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@nick sorry if I am a bit of a noob, I am better with phones and computers and this is really the only printer that I have tore down and worked on, but where would I find the page count? I feel like I remember reading somewhere that the page count can be found when you are getting the error code and it is the numbers after the colon (:), which if that is the case, then it is around 62,000. I have explained to her that parts are hard to find for it and it might not worth it much. But apparently she bought around $2,000 worth of ink for it, supposedly from a sale, and she would love for it work.

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@nick also I forgot to mention that the paper can come from any of the tray including tray 1, which is above the rollers too. Even then the paper would jam. I don't know if that could mean anything else

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@car34 Depends on how often they used the bypass tray. If it wasn't used much, it's usually okay.

Heavily used ones usually need similar attention.

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