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El Nissan Altima es un automóvil de tamaño mediano fabricado por Nissan, y podría decirse que es una continuación de la línea Nissan Bluebird, que comenzó en 1957.

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Am I able to take out the throttle control motor relay out of ipdm

I just need to know if I'm able to take out the relay for throttle control motor in the ipdm. . My car goes into limp mode but if I tap on that relay it goes back to normal driving conditions.. i just dont wanna force it out and not be able to put a new one in.. but a new ipdm is out of my budget for the second..any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @danielv661 ,

Do you know why the car is going into limp mode?

What are the OBDII scan codes showing?

You may cause serious damage to the engine if you bypass a feature that is designed to protect the engine and get you home (or at least to a mechanic) in the event of abnormal operation.

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I'm not wanting to bypass it.. I want to replace it with another one..I just wasnt sure if I could take it out without damaging the ipdm. . If I take it out my rpms wont go past 1000 or so.. but I'm pretty sure the relay is my problem. Or the oem. The code was p1128 I beleive.. open circuit in throttle control. Then while I was checking out the relays the throttle control motor relay clicked then the car was fine...but if I'm driving over bumps or something like that the relays shorts again.. I then have to pull over and tap on the ipdm then it starts back up

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Also wanna say thank u for the quick response..really appreciate it

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Hi @danielv661 ,

Don't know the answer but here's a link to the service manual section for an 06 Altima that deals with the ipdm.

Hopefully it is a start.

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Yes, you can remove the relay. Beware. If your relay has 4 blades facing the same direction, you will have trouble locating it! The ipdm number I'm speaking of was in 02 Altima mfg dates between 08/2001-08/2002 only. Hope this helps.

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