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La Kenmore 80 Series es una lavadora popular fabricada por Kenmore

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Why my washing machine is not spinning?

My washing machine is not spinning. What can I do? I need help please

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What is the model number of the washer?

Does it try to spin at all?

What happens if you try to set the cycle switch manually to the spin cycle?

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There are about 18 different things that can cause this, to help narrow it down we do need that model number and any other hints or symptoms you might be able to give us.

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Mine would not drain, or spin, motor was humming at spin cycle then circuit protection tripped the motor off. Not enough motor power to unlock the brake on the tub. Install new capacitor, did not work, install new transmission, did not work, put motor on bench to check all points were making contact, they were and motor kept running. Took some test on windings, amps, voltages, some were alittle off, didn't think it would make much difference. Purchased a new motor, installed it, I never seen this machine run so strong. Had over 3 weeks of laundry backup from a house with 2 females living in it, think that calculates to somewhere around 300lbs! haha, anyway, took some time but washed all clothes non stop, and the machine wanted more! Get a new motor!

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