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Guías de reparación para HP de escritorio.

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HP computer flashes red light and beeps 5 times

My HP computer flashes red light and beeps 5 times stops then 5 more on and on ,this at start up will not start . I have unplugged hard drive, memory stick replaced CMOS battery,still not starting. I have a new hard drive and CD Drive, but they are not installed for the current problem. Any ideas . Computer is HP elite Desk.


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What is the full model number of the desktop?

Have you re inserted the RAM module (memory stick), you didn't say?

Having no RAM module inserted will give a 5 power light blink, 5 beep error code

If you have re-inserted the module and are still getting the error light/beeps, replace the module with a compatible replacement module and check if this resolves the problem.

If it still fails it may be a memory controller issue on the motherboard

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If it's a memory controller issue, how can it be fixed?

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@Lala Hetman

As a DIY repair you will have to replace the motherboard.

Alternatively you will need to find the motherboard schematics to find out why the memory controller isn't working

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The possible reason as an overloaded power supply.    Disconnect all external devices to see if any of those items are causing the problem, (such as a hard, diskette, or optical drives, and expansion cards).  Power on the system. If the system enters the POST, then power off and replace one device at a time and repeat this procedure until failure occurs. Replace the device that is causing the failure. Continue adding devices one at a time to ensure all devices are functioning properly.

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