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Released in October 2015. Model number: 80NV00D5PB

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Guide for Screen Replacement

My laptop fell down and its screen got pulled out. Please share the guide for screen replacement. It will help a lot.

Thank you

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This one is a expensive nightmare since Lenovo fused the panel to the glass with UV curing LOCA glue. No $30-50 get out of jail card here!

The Lenovo HMM can be found here. In order to change it on this one, you need to remove the LCD assembly and partially disassemble the unit, or buy a complete assembly used. If you rebuild what you have, jump to page 61-65 and disassemble the display unit using those instructions. The LCD FRUs are on page 84 - there’s a touch and non touch version, so you need to check which one you have. $500 seems to be the average, but you can sometimes find a good LCD system with the right screen, but it has other issues that totaled it out or a cheap one with acceptable cosmetic issues at a discount.

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Thanks Nick for your response. This information is really useful.

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@siddharthbansal $500 seems to be the average for this laptop.

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