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iPhone de 4 pulgadas lanzado en marzo de 2016 con especificaciones de hardware similares al 6s. Disponible en Plata, Gris espacial, Oro u Oro rosa con opciones de almacenamiento de 16/64 GB. Modelos A1662 y A1723.

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Mic and headphone wont work after lighting port replacement

Hey guys recently my SE stopped turning on because it wouldn’t charge, i’ve had the phone for about 5 years since so i replaced the battery and the charging dock in one go battery worked fine but every time i install everything it boots up and charges fine but the headphone quality is very jank, and both bottom and headphone jack microphones wont work; tested all with voice memo

thinking my lighting port replacement was a dud or maybe i wasn’t properly grounded the first time i ordered another lighting port replacement and the same thing happens

Whats going on is the grounding washer on the cable by the headphone jack the cause of this issue? i’ve completed this repair on a 5s and never had the problem

please help i haven’t had my phone since Christmas

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It definitely sounds like a bad replacement part to me. I would re-install the original flex and check to see if the audio (mic and headphone) works properly. If it does, then it’s a bad replacement part.

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Could be a bad part. Could also be that the flex cable is not grounded correctly or that there is a bend where they shouldn’t be or missing a bend somewhere. Apple parts tend to be very picky sometimes about how you bend cables. I was working on an iPad Mini the other day and had the digitizer cable bent the wrong way. It caused part of the digitizer to not function. Kinda dumb if you ask me.

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