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Lenovo ThinkPad T400s was a laptop introduced by IBM for corporate and commercial use. The T400s was released along with the T500 in July of 2008. Similar models include the 400, 410, 420, 510, and other models in the ThinkPad T series.

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Can I use an M SATA SSD in the unused wimax slot?

Can i use an M SATA SSD in one of my unused WIMAX slots? if so, can i install windows on it and use it as the main drive

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That was added in the T420, but the legacy machines (XX00/10) did not get it as it is a PCB revision that cannot be added in firmware. Even on the machines where you have a choice, it’s combined with the WWAN slot so your choice is cellular INSIDE the laptop, or having to carry a hotspot to have an mSATA SSD. Yours is wired up for WWAN or Turbo Memory, unless it is split between 3 slots and is not “shared”.

To do the conversion on this one, you’re going to need a mSATA to uSATA (1.8”) adapter PCB from eBay and a 3D printed caddy since these 1.8” s machines lack a hackable drive caddy. What you will need to do is download an adapter like this, print it yourself (or have it done elsewhere for you if you do not own a 3D printer). I do need to warn you mSATA was a stopgap standard (many laptops with potential for 2 drives ruined by this bad choice), so it began to die when PCIe SSDs came along - and nobody is making an adapter like the mSATA to uSATA ones that will work for machines like yours - and the performance is ALWAYS subpar compared to a good PCIe SSD.

There may be a compatible M.2 adapter out there I do not know about that can be made to work, but your size options will be severely limited due to the inherit limitations of how far one can adapt these legacy machines due to bad past component choices. You have a horrible laptop in terms of hard drive/SSD upgrades.

Since there is no caddy in these s laptops, so you will need to make your own pull tab - use electrical tape and that will usually do the trick.

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is there any other way i could install an ssd, the main drive uses a 1.8 inch mechanical drive.

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@vip_aha What you can do is get a 1.8" to mSATA adapter. The slot on the system board is for Turbo Memory (Intel failure) or WWAN if it's shared. Yeah... Those 1.8" drives are beyond hopeless. Don't bother with specifically built 1.8" drives - they don't exist in usable capacities.

Just be warned mSATA is a dead end standard so if you can find one with M.2 SATA support that'll fit take it - but I also doubt it with how hopeless the 1.8" laptops tend to be.

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okay thanks for the help

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You can use any mSATA SSD as replacement by using the following caddy/adapter:


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