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Boot Loop after lightning port replacement


I just finished a replacement of the lightning port on an iPhone 7. It now attempts to boot but flashes off an immediately back on (like its cycling re-boot sequences. I’ve rechecked that all connections are seated properly.

Here are a couple of small places I feel like it *may* have gone wrong? First, I had trouble plugging the speaker and microphone connections back in place. They are seated now but…that was a challenge. Second, I mistakenly plugged the battery back in before I had re-connected the screen. Could this have shorted a battery connection?

Its not a software issue as iTunes won’t recognize it, nor will my MacBook.

Could it possibly be a logic board malfunction? I’ve read this is common in the iPhone 7 but I don’t have the setup to check or repair a logic board. Is it worth attempting to replace the logic board or….should I just find a used iPhone 7 replacement?

Any suggestions kindly appreciated .

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Try booting with the charging port unplugged. If it works unplugged it is a problem with the charging port.

I think there is a quality problem with the replacement charger ports so I always go for OEM or OEM pulls rather than aftermarket because I have had some where they don't align properly to plug into the connector matter what.

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Thanks for the reply. Same affect whether the charge cord is plugged in or not. I had an iPhone 6 do this with bad connections but I'm quite sure everything is seated well this time.

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try disconnect the battery n the charger port connector. plug them n try again if it not work this video can help you solve the boot loop

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