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Which version of the controller do I have? (Evilcontrollers custom)

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I got this controller with my Xbox 360 and I always knew it was custom, but I did not know who did it until yesterday - it turns out to be an Evilcontrollers custom controller. Now that I know who made it, I am wondering which one I have - mainly so I know how much of an unfair advantage I have in local multiplayer Halo games since you can’t readily tell ;).

I cannot show the PCB as the warranty plug is a superglued plug holding the PCB into the case. Until I find out how to remove this (or grind it down WITHOUT killing the PCB), I don’t have any meaningful board photos to show. I do have a little legwork to show for and I have narrowed it down to a Nomad or a MasterMod V1(?). It doesn’t have adjustable triggers, so that quickly eliminated a 3rd possible controller.

How can I tell which version I have? It isn’t particularly valuable compared to a Scuff, but it’s a neat controller to have around.

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Well, doing my digging there is 3 options. Simply put I would just try and see what is capable on the controller (if you haven’t tried changing settings)

Pretty much just go through the xbox 360 Master, Rapid Fire and Nomad guides and play with it. As I cannot find any indicators for what controller is what exactly.

Sorry cant be more of help but it is a sweet looking controller

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I may end up going through the manuals and seeing which games are shared and cheap that I can get for $10-20 combined total. I can probably pick up cheap NFR, greatest hits test copies or disc only on eBay.

I don't think it's the adjustable since you'd expect it to have hair triggers so that knocks one out relatively easily. It wouldn't shock me if I can tell with classic Halo like CE or 2 since these things tend to be targeted towards shooters.

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That is essentially what they are for to ensure you are getting the quickest shots off. Crouching/jumping immediately once you shoot your first shot. It's insane what these controls can be programmed to do. But essentially it is the same as making macros on a pc.

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@ambientprotect I think I got it. I borrowed a copy of COD 4 for it since that would be the best game to use.

It behaves like the Stealth Adjustable V2.

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