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Este es el modelo 2018 de HP OMEN que presenta un Intel i7-8750H con especificaciones de pantalla, RAM y HDD que varían según el modelo.

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How to get broken headphone connector out of port?

So My Sony headphone connector broke in half inside my jack in the PC and is stuck and can't get it out.

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how should I do this

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Hi @mcofficalplays ,

You may have to open the laptop to access the audio board and see if you can push it out from behind.

How old is the laptop? If it is less than 12 months old by opening the laptop you may be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Just something to be aware of.

Here is a link to the service manual for a HP Omen DC 1000 series laptop taken from this webpage.

Scroll to p.51 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to access the audio board.

You didn’t state the exact model variant of the laptop so here’s a link to the service manual for a HP Omen DC-0000 series laptop, taken from this webpage.

It looks to be the same manual but you never know. (I didn’t check through each one to spot the difference). It also shows the removal procedure on p.51.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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