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High-end Fire OS 5 tablet released by Amazon in 2015. Features a 10.1" HD display and MediaTek quad-core processor.

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Have to jiggle my connector cord for it to charge

I think maybe the inside of my kindle where the plug goes might be broke somehow. I have to jiggle the cord to connect. I've tried other cords from my Grandkids kindles andhave to do the same thing.

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It sounds like the charging port on your Amazon Fire HD is damaged. I would take it to a local tech repair shop in your area to get a quote on the repair. However, I fear that their repair cost might outweigh the price of a new Fire HD, as the current price for a 32GB is $149.99.

If you want to try the repair route, show this article to the technician who might be able to help you:

Amazon Fire HD 10 USB Charging Port Replacement

Hope this helps!


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