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The JXD S7800b is a tablet that runs Android and has built in controls. is a good repair source.

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Replacement Joystick Hats Needed

Where can I get replacement joystick hats for the JXD S7800b in the UK or evenb US if they ship to the UK? I tried to order from the official site but after a month they never arrived and now they’re ignoring my emails.

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I seriously doubt that the JXD official was out of service back in 2017.

It appears that the joystick hat can be unsoldered from the PCB and a replacement soldered back on.

So I think the best way is to get a cheap used one and replace the hat from that one to the current one if it runs well. As there are really cheap bargains out there.

To save you more money, I think you can also find substitutions/alternatives that can fit your device.

Hope my answer helps you.

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If they were out of service 2 years ago then they are back up. Their site is still up and taking orders. And I need the hats not the joysticks. There is nothing to solder.

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@mforcevirus Yes, I mean that you can just take the hat from a cheap one, as there's hardly supplier for the separate part. Othrewise, waiting for jxdofficial reply would be the only way. Thank you!

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Ah I see. When you mentioned soldering off from the PCB I thought you meant the actual joystick and not the plactic hat that just pulls off. As for JXD, They were quick enough to ask me to prove that I had order details but in the past few weeks they have been ignoring me so I opened a paypal dispute.

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@mforcevirus Or maybe you can also try to find a substitution of the JXD joystick hat.

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I did try searching on ebay but most of what I found was for the Playstion controllers. None of the ones I've search for give much detail about the size and on the S7800b they sit on a very thin pin.

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