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Build iPhone 8 is it a good idea

Hello I was wondering if it would be a good idea to build a iPhone 8. I found a housing with all the small parts with the speakers and the charging port, and the wireless charging sensor for 25$. Should I do it or do you have any tips?

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I know how to but I just need a y triple 0

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@apple_fixnoah Check Amazon or eBay or iFixit and id get a full toolkit including tweezers and spudgers (unless you already have them) and stuff like that, it make it so much easier.

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I know I have a kit the only thing I’m missing is the y000

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You can get them on eBay like here

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Would a y0.8 work because I tried it and it worked

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Make sure you know what your doing, or have a friend that knows what they are doing. Make sure you get all the little bits and screws and also make sure your logic board isn’t iCloudd locked. If you get the IMEI or Serial Number of the logic board before you buy and check it through even if they say its iCloud unlocked then still check anyway as a cautionary measure, better safe then sorry. If you do decide to do it, then good luck!

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