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What does HONMAM 1500 stamped on exhaust pipes mean

I have 2 exhaust pipes and each is stamped with information regarding emissions. The pipes probably came from a bike from the 1990’s or early 2000’s. There is a lot of info stamped on the pipes and one line says installation of this exhaust system on motorcycles models not specified may violate federal law and it list the exhaust system for the following motorcycle HONMAM 1500. What kind of motorcycle is this for?

Update (09/23/2019)

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I hope this turns out right

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I have never heard of an emission reducing motorcycle muffler or any muffler for that matter. It sounds like they just put the info there to cover their arse, if they are talking about noise emissions and if they are loud, now that I can understand. As long as there are open pipe HD on the road I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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Thanks for the response Duane. The stamping on the pipes is for noise, you're correct. The questions is HOHMAM 1500 - what model is that? I'm researching this for my boss (Robert Koldon), he doesn't know which model these pipes belong to. Thanks and let me know if you know what model motorcycle these belong to. Elizabeth

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@rjkoldon post a couple of good pictures showing " There is a lot of info stamped on the pipes " so we can see all of it. Might help to identify those pipes Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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I have lived in Asia for more than 30 years with 20 in Japan, there are only 2 Honda 1500cc motorcycles, the GoldWing and the Valkrie. I have not seen the name HONMAM but I will make an educated guess that it stands for Honda Motorcycle AfterMarket. There is a car parts company called HAMP, Honda AfterMarket Parts. The car parts are made by Honda or the manufactures who make genuine Honda parts but put the parts in a generic HAMP box to lower the retail price of the parts as a ploy to gain market share in the aftermarket world, which is a very large market.

In Japan you must get your vehicle a safety inspection by the government every 2 years and one of the inspection items in the decibel level of the motorcycle exhaust noise. US Military guys who have loud Harley Davidsons must borrow quiet mufflers from friends to get past the safety inspection. I could see this muffler that you have stamped with different languages to be sold in different countries. This is all the help I can offer.

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Thank you Duane. That makes sense (either Valkrie or Goldwing). I appreciate your help

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