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Repair guides and support for wireless and corded computer mice by Logitech.

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Why my Logitech M221 mouse right click is not working? And how to fix

My Logitech M221 wireless mouse is not working, please tell me how to fix it.

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Can you share a photo of your electronic circuit mouse?

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Usually the switches are the Point of Failure on mice. The switches are made of a small box with a small flange of brass/copper that gets flexed by a plastic plunger when you press the button. Over time, the flange will wear out.

The simplest way is to replace the switch. Logitech has been using Omron brand switches for decades, so they are quite easy to source. These are the ones used in every logitech mouse I have ever opened, but they may use others.

The coding painted on the side can tell you the exact model. What could differ between models?

The pressure needed to click

The travel distance of the click

The rebound, or bounce back after the click.

This can all be found in datasheets for the part.

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Also, if you are very dexterous you can try to replace the internal flange. I have done this. myself, but my dexterity is not as good as some people so it was about 10 frustrating minutes to get it just right. Here is a video of someone re-shaping their flange. I don’t recommend this, as it will wear back out really quickly. However, if you get a new switch you can remove it’s flange and install it in the switch on the mouse, and this video has enough details to show you what you need to do:

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