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Tablet PC de alto rendimiento de tercera generación lanzada por Apple en octubre de 2018. Modelos A1876, A2014 y A1895.

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Will Surface Keyboard fit to iPad Pro 2018 12.9"?

I mean about those magnetic attachments

I mean like this one

I know it is about 30mm shorter - but I don’t care - will it stick well to iPad Pro? :)

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Unfortunately they aren’t compatible. They both have different proprietary connectors, so they won’t physically plug into each other.

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but I don't need to plug anything - just connect them via bluetooth

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The iPad supports bluetooth 5, and the keyboard supports bluetooth 3. Despite this, they should still connect together because of their backwards compatibility. It should work in theory. As for the question of whether it will stick together, they magnets on both should stick together, but because it is just a keyboard and doesn't come with a stand (as this keyboard was designed for a device with a built-in kickstand). So unless you are really good at balancing an iPad on an abnormally shaped surface, I would suggest using this physically disconnected from the iPad, resting the iPad on a stand, and using the keyboard from a distance.

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It says New Wireless bluetooth Keyboard w/ Trackpad For Microsoft Surface Go Tablet

So I not think it would

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@edigitcom - Can you fill in your name card with your location as well as bio. It would be a great help.

I suspect English is not your first language. There's no harm using it instead!

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are you felling ok mate

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Your wording looked like English was not your first language in quite a few of your posts, I apologize.

In any case how about filling in your info card so we know more about you. Look at mine for some ideas.

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Did you know Dan the most intelligent people that lived had difficulty spelling

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